Amelie Litwin

Amelie Litwin is a marketing expert and responsible for all partner marketing activities at Styla. She is passionate about all trends and developments in the eCommerce space. Her overall focus is to help brands and retailers to succeed in creating memorable digital experiences.

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10 Email Marketing Ideas for Your Online Store

When enhancing the customer experience for your online store, email is a crucial touchpoint to consider; email marketing is a valuable tool to nurture the relationship to customers and a great way to increase engagement and conversion. For every pound invested, email generates an average return of £42, according to the Data & Marketing Association. We gathered ten great email marketing ideas for e-commerce in 2020. These useful tips from email marketing experts will help you to lower customer acquisition costs and increase customer lifetime value as well as retention. If you are interested in more strategies on how to create an engaging customer experience with different, get a free copy of the e-book “5 Effective Strategies to Increase Engagement & Conversion for Online Retailers”.

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A Scotsman and an Englishman Walk into a Webinar

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The Styla Xperience Conference | June 3rd 2019

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The Secret to Increasing Online Engagement

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