Anja Fordon

Anja Fordon is Content Marketing Manager at Styla. She creates content marketing campaigns, writes articles about digital storytelling, social media and e-commerce, sharing her expertise on both German and English blogs at Styla. When she's not doing that, she enjoys throwing paint on canvas and reading loads of books.

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How To Change The World With Purpose-Driven Commerce: Interview With Lisa Hogg

Argentina. Blake Mycoskie was enjoying his vacation, exploring beautiful nature escapes, indulging in  Argentinian steaks, and, essentially, having the time of his life. Until one day on his travels, he met a group of volunteers who showed him a different side of life: poor villages, just outside the bustling capital, where children have to face the hardships of growing up without the most basic of things. Like shoes.

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Digital Marketing and E-Commerce Trends for 2017

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Gerrit Grunert About Content Marketing In E-Commerce [VIDEO INTERVIEW]

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The Future of Online Trade: Styla Meets Engelhorn [INTERVIEW]

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