Richard Buettner

Richard is heading the marketing here at Styla. He has extensive experience in eCommerce/all things digital for 20 years. His mission is to never stop learning.

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Building Brand Loyalty by improving Digital Experiences

How Digital Experiences Can Build Brand Loyalty

In the past, companies could build a loyal customer base and brand reputation by delivering a quality product or service, but this is rapidly changing. In fact, 86% of today’s consumers are more willing to pay more for a better customer experience. That means customer experiences, and digital experiences in particular, are becoming the key brand differentiator for eCommerce companies in 2020.

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The Top 10 Digital Customer Experience Tools For The E-Commerce Tech Stack

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User Experience in Ecommerce - 6 Key Trends for 2020

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5 Reasons Your Brand Needs a Content Experience Manager

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Leveraging content in the age of personalization