Ula Lachowicz

Ula Lachowicz has been in the tech industry for a decade, taking care of marketing and communication for SaaS and B2B products. A strategic mind, she is a true visionary of our content commerce solution and is happy to see how it changes the way brands talk.

5 minute read

INSIGHT: Beauty Market is Conquering E-Commerce

Over the last few years, the beauty and personal care market has experienced a tremendous growth. What once used to be an industry only limited to physical stores, is now taking over e-commerce, with its websites, subscription boxes, social platforms, on-demand services, and everything that comes with it.

3 minute read

How Fashion Brands Can Use Consumer Images to Create Better Marketing Experiences

5 minute read

INSIGHT: Luxury Fashion in E-Commerce

4 minute read

5 Tips To Master Content Distribution On Facebook

6 minute read

Neil Patel on the Virtue of Patience and How to Achieve More with Less

2 minute read

Why Styla and Facebook Are a Match Made in Heaven

4 minute read

Why Content Marketing In Fashion Is An Obvious Trend

4 minute read

39 Essential KPIs In E-Commerce To Swear By

3 minute read

The Age of Shoppable Content

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