Who’s turned the clock? Is it already the end of the year? Hard to believe, but yes: we are heading towards the end of 2016 at the speed of light. It was an exciting year, with powerful advancements made in all areas: digital marketing, e-commerce, multiple realities… The world is fast-paced and it’s quickly catching up with trends. Think of Pokémon Go, for example, which found its place in marketing strategies of many companies this year. The digital world is constantly moving. It is, in fact, in transition now.

Everything has to be (and will be) brought together. Silos disappear, departments come together, channels unite, realities intertwine, offline goes online, online goes offline, etc. 

So, to keep in touch with the massive changes and the upcoming trends, we’ve digged into numbers, analyzed reports, asked some experts around, and evaluated our own experiences that we’ve had over the last year. The results? This comprehensive Digital Trendbook 2017 that we’d like to present you today. Additionally, we created this stunning infographic for a quick but intense overview of the most important trends:


Around 20 experts and brands from e-commerce and digital marketing have shared their insights with us today: Michael von Sondern from Minubo, Sonja Stockinger from Birkenstock, Georg Wesinger from Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Sian O'Flaherty from Stylight, Jose de Cabo from Olapic, Simon Grabowski from GetResponse, and many more.

The Digital Trendbook 2017 sheds light onto the new possibilities and challenges we are all to face in the digital world next year, exploring some untapped opportunities that can bring your company to the next level.

On top of that, the report makes a multi-perspectival inquiry into the different sides of digital, such as content marketing and e-commerce.

What are the e-commerce and marketing trends for 2017?

At Styla, we believe that fundamental restructuring of internal processes will become one of the most important and sustainable trends in the upcoming years. Mirko Lange, a digital marketing influencer and CEO at Scompler, agrees:

I think that the biggest challenge for 2017 will be that the technical possibilities, formats, and platforms will continue to grow, creating a growing sense of disorientation. Some will react to it with more and more action-based experimentation. Some will face the risk of a growing confusion. That is why I think that "smart strategy" is the key to successful marketing: it gives orientation and freedom at the same time.

Thus, a focus on massive technical developments that offer new, intensive possibilities to all those who are moving around the digital environment will be our future. This comes along with the rise of virtual (VR) and augmented (AR) reality technologies, which will change the face of marketing and e-commerce. Market value for AR applications in retail and e-commerce, for example, is expected to reach $14.09 trillion by 2020, developing at a crazy 96.9% growth rate. Yes, you heard it: ninety-six per cent.

This trend becomes even more interesting to note if you consider the continuously widening usage of mobile. By 2020, again, there will be 6.1 billion smartphone users worldwide. So it’s only logical to expect that, with the mobile quickly becoming a global obsession, e-commerce is subjected to fundamental shifts: we’ll see e-commerce grow by 31% next year, expanding 200% faster than classic e-commerce.

m-commerce growth vs e-commerce growth

Marcin Moska, B2B E-Commerce Director at Divante, makes a good point:

E-commerce trends in 2017 will definitely include increased investments in mobile. In order to better understand the changes that may come, it’s best to look carefully at emerging markets in Asia. Due to the economic situation of the last 20 years, these societies avoided technological debt resulting from the massive use of stationary equipment. The use of mobile devices there is now much greater than in the west.

But there is, of course, more to come: 360° videos, live streaming, dynamic content, shoppable content, same day delivery…

Digital marketing and e-commerce trends for 2017


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Anja Fordon

Written by Anja Fordon

Anja Fordon is Content Marketing Manager at Styla. She creates content marketing campaigns, writes articles about digital storytelling, social media and e-commerce, sharing her expertise on both German and English blogs at Styla. When she's not doing that, she enjoys throwing paint on canvas and reading loads of books.