Leeds-based hair and beauty company Sweet Squared has been empowering professionals in the beauty space for over 15 years.

While we’ve slowly pivoted towards online purchasing over the last decade, Sweet Squared has been staying on the forefront of customer experience by adhering to their core values of quality, innovation, integrity and expertise. 

Noticing a more recent rapid shift in customers buying online and on mobile, Sweet Squared had to find a way of keeping up with industry momentum. By upgrading their shop system to a no-code environment, they realised they could curate web content as easily as possible, with minimal dependence on IT. 

Sweetsquared Case Study

Check out our newest case study on how Sweet Squared’s Marketing team not only increased conversion and average user sessions by 20%, but improved overall team morale and creativity by becoming more reactive to market changes. 


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Ai-Ling Walker

Written by Ai-Ling Walker

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