Knowing when to upgrade can be tricky. Deciding when it’s time to get the latest phone model, upsize your home, or invest in a new set of running shoes, there’s always a lag between innovation and adoption. And while there can be comfort in coasting, recognising when you’ve hit that maturity point is vital for business, particularly in eCommerce. Every day from that point on is a quiet cost you can’t afford. 

We all remember the days of dial-up internet, but do you remember the day you upgraded? I can’t. Can you remember whether you were the first or last among your friends? Around the middle. All we know is the old school 90’s screech is a thing of the past, and we haven’t looked back since. 


Beware of the stagnant quo

Believe or not, there are companies running their business on the equivalent of that slow, clunky modem. 

eCommerce companies can stagnate for years thinking they’re saving costs by continuing as-is, when in actual fact, this avoidance of embracing faster technology will silently chip away at your conversion rate and your bottom line. It’s not just down to the tech itself that holds the company back, but the knock-on effect on team morale. In a world where seamless automation is ever becoming the default, slow processes start to look archaic.

For the online shopper, life’s too short to wait around on slow pages when there’s another retailer just a new tab away. For marketing teams behind the scenes, this is no different: maintaining an inspiring storefront means constantly flexing your creative muscles, yet this is nigh on impossible when you’re stifled by restrictive page templates and legacy systems.

Who wants to wait literal days for IT to make minor website updates? Who wants to set alarms for ungodly hours when there’s a platform that can schedule publication across international time zones? 

Something as simple as enabling auto-play on website video content can inspire customers and boost conversions, yet these advanced controls are often out of reach. In order to create a truly personalised frontend experience (FX) for your customers, you need to set your marketing teams free from the shackles of IT dependence and the limitations of pre-built options. 

In our latest whitepaper we’ve broken it down into easily navigable pointers so you can see when you’ve outgrown your current setup and due an upgrade.

To circle back on our dial-up analogy, you don’t have to be the first to get broadband, you just don’t want to be the last. 


Styla is a design automation platform and acceleration tool for inspiring web experiences. We empower midsize brands and retailers to operate with enterprise sophistication and startup agility through our headless frontend and content management suite. 

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Franz Riedl

Written by Franz Riedl

Co-founder & COO at Styla

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