Here is how to inspire website visitors to become loyal customers

In today’s marketplace, consumers are overcrowded with information and options. Every day they are bombarded with opportunities to buy something. No wonder that people’s average attention span decreases. That’s why it is so surprising that many brands and retailers provide sterile, boring shopping flows online, which struggle to engage consumers. As a consequence, the problems of high bounce rates, short time on page and frequent shopping cart abandonment are widespread. In order to see return on investment instead, brands and retailers need to make sure the content they provide is relevant, engaging, quick to implement and drives sales. Here’s how to do that.

It’s all about the experience

The secret to increasing online engagement lies in delivering memorable web experiences. That means generating a positive feeling when consumers interact with your brand online and encouraging them to build an emotional connection. Consumers are seeking these experiences nowadays. 78% of millennials would choose to spend money on a great experience or event over buying something desirable. So it is not without reason that the customer experience is viewed as the new key brand differentiator. That said, digitalized product catalogues that only allow for transaction and not inspiration are not enough anymore to delight today’s consumers. The same applies to monotonous customer journeys from marketing campaigns to simple product grids where choice paralysis kicks in. Instead, each touchpoint of the customer journey should be consistently enriched with relevant, engaging content that inspires the customer to move down the sales funnel.

Create enhanced content experiences

Content allows brands to tell their story, educate, entertain and emotionally engage the customer. However, it is not enough to create one piece of content and then leave it in an obscure part of the website where nobody is ever going to find it. Instead, it should consistently be integrated into all stages of the customer journey in a concise, snackable form that’s easy to find. On the homepage, this could mean having an inspiration hub that catalogues all your rich content, like gift guides, lookbooks, tutorials, style guides and videos.

Stimulating content like this not only pushes consumers down the path of purchase but also encourages them to view your website as a trusted resource, giving them another reason to visit it beyond just shopping.

In order to re-engage customers with content, it is important to keep it fresh and exciting. However, regularly creating and updating consistent content for all the different devices is a big challenge for many brands and retailers. The challenge will only increase as brands implement more advanced, personalised marketing that requires 10 times as much content.


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Amelie Litwin

Written by Amelie Litwin

Amelie Litwin is a marketing expert and responsible for all partner marketing activities at Styla. She is passionate about all trends and developments in the eCommerce space. Her overall focus is to help brands and retailers to succeed in creating memorable digital experiences.

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