The conference that was launched last year to unite industry experts on the topic of digital experiences will return to the stage with a larger audience on June 3rd, 2019, in Berlin to discuss the impact of Generation Z on website experience-management.

Styla will be hosting the second annual conference “Styla Xperience” at the silent green Kulturquartier on Monday, June 3rd, joined by an exciting line-up of industry-leaders giving talks and leading workshops. Like last year, it is our goal to bring technology pioneers, innovators, and experts together to share their experiences and discuss trends. This year's topic is about the emergence of a very specific user profile and the challenges it brings: Generation Z is coming of age.

How to prepare for Generation Z?

In many cases, the people managing brand-experiences tend to be older than the consumers they would like to attract. While this disbalance used to be manageable without affecting the bottom line too much, Gen Z is ready to open their wallets and disrupt all existing knowledge about the standard customer journey.

Styla Xperience 2019 provides its attendees with a unique toolset to overcome this challenge and turn it into a great opportunity for growth. The diverse agenda boasts of six industry keynotes, four workshops and a panel discussion all held by top experts. They will grant you exclusive insights into this unique target audience, which is savvier and more demanding than any when it comes to web experiences. Participants of the Styla Xperience will learn about:

  • the challenges brands and retailer need to tackle if they want to be prepared for the future generation of customers
  • first-hand strategies on how to uphold loyal Gen Z customers in a world where competitors can be everywhere at once
  • the fails and learnings of industry veterans and their recommendations for a thriving online business

This year’s venue: from crematorium to cultural hub

An extraordinary conference like the Styla Xperience needs a thrilling, memorable venue. There is no place better than Berlin’s first crematorium dating from 1911, which is now converted into one of the city's most exciting cultural hubs, poetically named “silent green”. With its beautifully restored cupola, the silent green Kulturquartier is the perfect location for gatherings such as concerts, screenings and lectures. On June 3rd, 2019, it will be home to the Styla Xperience and providing space for productive exchange and networking in the midst of Berlin but away from its hustle and bustle.

The Styla Xperience is the ideal way to ring in the conference of our cooperation partner K5, which will take place on the 4th and 5th of June in Berlin. Do not miss the opportunity to learn, grow and get inspired at both of these amazing conferences.

You want to attend the Styla Xperience? Then get your ticket here. Spaces are limited!

Stay tuned for the reveal of our brilliant speakers and the full agenda on the Styla Xperience website. Styla is looking forward to seeing you there!


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Amelie Litwin

Written by Amelie Litwin

Amelie Litwin is a marketing expert and responsible for all partner marketing activities at Styla. She is passionate about all trends and developments in the eCommerce space. Her overall focus is to help brands and retailers to succeed in creating memorable digital experiences.