The First Decoupled Storefront for Small Merchants

Styla’s success story began in 2012 and ever since we’ve been focusing on bringing innovative software solutions to the eCommerce world. We are extremely proud of our latest product, Styla Frontend, the fastest frontend technology in the world. Headless commerce space, here we come!

Styla’s vision is to bring the benefits of heavy custom-built headless enterprise shops to small and medium sized businesses at an affordable price and without the hassles. Just the way software should be: Self-serve, no-code and freemium! We’re here to help businesses of all sizes to achieve the success of large retail brands quickly and easily.

Let’s see what’s in it for you.

Styla storefront enables small BigCommerce merchants to embrace the power of the latest frontend technology, normally available at a high cost and only to large marketplace players. We have worked hard to get the complex technology packaged into a product that is powerful yet stunningly easy to use and therefore not only keeps up, but in fact beats other frontend technologies in speed comparison while being entirely focused on usability and a one-click installation.

As a booster for speed, SEO, usability and conversion, Styla installs a storefront and a PWA easily manageable via drag & drop. Our ultrafast storefront enhances your brand’s mobile commerce strategy, reduces your page speed to as little as 1-2 seconds and improves your SEO ranking on Google. Our first clients report KPI improvements not only in conversion but across the board, be it number of page impressions, time on site or basket value, just to name a few.

With full flexibility and no-code editing, even smaller teams without IT support are able to scale their work and ensure not only a fast and modern-looking storefront, but also a smooth shopping experience for all buyers. We’ll help take the never-ending content curation off your hands so that you have full freedom to roll out compelling onsite experiences.

We have a special offer for you! Sign up to be among the first and get white glove onboarding of your shop and direct contact to our Head of Product for tips and feedback!

Install Styla Frontend for FREE to:

  • Reduce bounces & boost conversion with super-fast page speed.
  • Perfect your mobile experience with inbuilt PWA.
  • Edit your content easily without coding.

Free for 12 months, stays free if you are under €50k in revenue, else, only 0.5% of any transaction.

This early-bird offer entails:

  • Priority access to our fast Frontend
  • White glove onboarding  for your business from our Product & IT teams
  • Fortnightly feedback sessions with our Product and Success teams

Connect your shop to Styla, the fastest, most affordable storefront now! Don’t miss out on game-changing speed at an unbelievable price and benefit as one of our priority customers!

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Sofija Beuerle

Written by Sofija Beuerle